Metal Silos

Estrutura de Silo Metálico

If you are looking for metal silos to buy, used or new, know that first, you should know which silo accessories this equipment should have, according to their grain culture or cement quality, other very frequent use of metal silos.

Metal silos for corn

Metallic corn silos are widely used in conjunction with corn grinders to make flour. In this way, it is very important that this is integrated into the production line in order to reduce the transition time from the raw material to the processing. Another factor to take into account when buying a corn silo is if this allows the bagging to be done in an automated way, which also increases the production.

Silos, metal for coffee

The purchase of a silo with coffee dryer is very common, this characteristic that presents/displays like a great differential to increase the productivity allows not only to store the coffee but also to toast it, obtaining, thus, a fermentation during the coffee storage process in the silo, as well as the ideal texture for sale, thus adding value to the product. Talk to our team to learn more.

Silos, metal, for cement

If your intention is to buy a metal silo for cement. In addition to worrying about the type of material used in silo manufacture, one should also try to make a project according to the plant of the cement plant or storage unit, as there are several variables to be taken into account in the hour to decide on the metal silo cement project, but it is in line with his / her enterprise. See: silo for cement

Grain Metallic Silo

In the case of metallic grain silos in general, this can also be acquired without the characteristics that make it special for each type of crop. However, as the video highlights, in highlighting several variables involved in the coffee storage process, this option is not advised.

Industrial metalworking specialist in the manufacture of agricultural metal structures

When buying a metal silo from Viga, one chooses the best in the market. With more than 40 years of experience in the production of agricultural metal structures, this company has stood out in the industrial metalworking industry. Its founder, Vito Gaggiato, today is a souvenir that represents the soul of the company. The family also inherited his legacy, which has brought international experience, due to the fact that he is an immigrant, which has brought to perfection his skills of metalworking, which are now used by the Viga.

With clients such as Vale do Rio Doce and Usiminas, Viga is proud to tell its history and to be among the prions in the area of industrial metalworking in Vale do Aço, one of the biggest poles for the processing of this raw material. We would love to hear more about your metal silo project and how we can help you. Contact our team of engineers and gather more information about the market. Who knows a partnership does not become possible? ;-)

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