Used Silos for Sale

Silo price vary according the grain type

See below, a video that shows the variables involved in a coffee silo, which can impact the silo price. In addition, in the case of the cement silo, there are several pieces that must be taken into account when one wants to increase the productivity of the agricultural property.

Price of a used silo?

Already with some information on hand, please contact our silo manufacturer company to have a comparison basis between the value of a used silo and a new one.

How much does a used silo cost? Worth it?

When one thinks of silo used for sale, one must also take into account the type of grains that will be contained in a silo for storage, as this can vary from culture to culture. The coffee silo, for example, can be imbued with a dryer, while the cement silo can be accompanied by a series of accessories. In addition, the silo’s own layout in the company’s layout, along with the other processes that result from storage, also has the ability to influence the price of silo design.

Life and quality of a used silo

Another factor to consider in order to know whether it is worth investing in a silo used for sale or not is its remaining useful life and the qualities of the parts used by the silo manufacturer who built it, if they really are, of quality or not. In addition, as a coffee silo, or any other, usually are huge metallic structures, one must think how it will be transported, for if the distance, as well as the difficulties, are large, the silo price, of course, will be impacted.

Price of silo and irrigation systems

Because of the above factors, we invite you to contact the Viga engineering team to make a quote for your silo project. Being able to have both the price of a used silo and a new one in hand, it will be easier to assess better which investment should be made, whether in price or quality. In addition, as we are a company that manufactures metallic structures, we also produce irrigation systems such as the central pivot, mobile pivot or any other type of metal structure for the field. In this way, we can make prices more attractive to those who are interested in buying more than one metal structure project with our industrial metalworking company. Here are some models of irrigation systems that we can do.

Types of Irrigation Systems

The types of irrigation systems vary by property and also, of course, in relation to investment in irrigation structures that the entrepreneur can do. In addition, irrigation system designs, when planned near the silo storage facility, are usually cheaper and bring more dynamics between production and storage of grains, as well as drying in the case of coffee.

Another factor that influences both the price of the silo, used or new, and the value of irrigation systems is the demand for growth of the plantation area; if it is steadily rising, for example, it is perhaps interesting to invest in a mobile silo, which can serve both the beginning of the cultivated area and the other end. At Viga, we have engineers specializing in the design of agricultural metal structures, which will help you to better think about the silo or irrigation project your property requires. Talk to us!

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