How Much Does a Grain Silo Cost?

Silo secador de café. Silagem

Here are some questions to be made, about coffee silage, for example, that can to influence on the silo price:

  • How long is necessary to keep the silo closed in order to get the ideal fermentation process before opening?
  • What is the recommended area removal slice?
Example of how to calculate the price of silo for coffee

Check out, below, some answered questions about silo manufacturing before to close the deal:

How much does a grain silo cost?

In the possession of the knowledge above it is time to quote your cement silo, corn silo or silo for grains of other types, whatever, the important thing is to have in hand a previous research related to your demand before buying a silo, used or new. Contact us, we will be happy to assist you in your silo project.

When one asks how much a grain silo costs, one must also infer about the specific silo value for the crop that it will store, as there are different types of silo varying according to the content, as well as the accessories that will be coupled to it.

In the case of the coffee silo, for example, you can buy a silo with coffee dryer, already in relation to the silo for cement, there is some very specific equipment that can be thought of in a silo project, they are them. Check out some accessories for a silo to follow.

Price of silo varies by accessories

Example of silo accessories for cement

Manufacturer of silos for over 40 years

We are a silos manufacturer that has been operating in the market for more than 40 years. Our headquarters in Ipatinga, MG, in the Vale do Aço, has an area of 40 thousand square meters and is located next to the Vale railway line and the airport, as well as sharing the ecosystems of companies that were formed in the surroundings of USIMINAS, with a highway flow through BR 381. With such infrastructure, it is not surprising that our industrial metalworker industry has already manufactured metal structures and delivered in several states of Brazil. We have clients, as well as Vale,do Rio Doce and Brasken. Come, you too, be part of the network of partners of Viga.

As an Italian, Vito Gaggiato, founder of our metalworking factory, has already worked as a manufacturer of metal structures including abroad, when he manufactured several parts approved and tested in international experiments. He decided to leave his country of origin when, after the war, he was compelled to open his place to preserve his brother’s during the policy of one job per family. It is with this kind of commitment and ability to risk, but always with a solid baggage experience, which can be counted when hiring a company that manufactures metallic structures such as Viga, because our legacy is a constant part of our present.

Most demanded silo types

  • Corn silo
  • Coffee silo
  • Cement silo

Due to the specificities of each crop that requires grain silage as silo manufacturers, we understand that we should present our ability to manufacture agricultural metal structures according to customer demand. Therefore, we offer some contents regarding the types of a silo that are most demanded in the company. What is your need? Talk to us and see if we can serve you!

Price of various metallic structures

Those who need a silo may also need a central pivot for irrigation or another model, as well as sheds. For all this, our team of specialized engineers are on hand to assist in clarifying any doubts about your demands. Do not waste time, contact us today. We would love to know more about your silo project or other agricultural structures. We are at your service!

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