Used Metal Silos For Sale. Grain or Cement Silo? Price

Grain Silo with Dryer

Before to decide which used metal silo for sell to buy, watch the video about all the variables related to the coffee silage. The grain type is very important to know what kind of silo to buy, assuring the biggest profit as possible.

Why search for used metal silos on sale?

Many people opt to buy a used silo because they do not know the details of what is needed in a coffee silo or a corn silo, for example, to increase productivity, which makes it impossible to grow the company. Therefore, Viga, a company that manufactures metallic structures, has decided to make this text, which will help you to know a little more about the variables involved in the silage process that can contribute to a significant reduction in grain loss during storage in the silo.

Substances involved in the silage process

  • butyl acids
  • acetic acid
  • lactic acid

These three acids are mainly responsible for the process of maturing the grains for sale, according to the market demand in which the producer is inserted. A good grain silo should work according to the temperature, aeration, pressure, and humidity requirements of each crop, thus providing a better environment to obtain texture and taste for the taste or “pocket” of the final customers.

In the case of coffee, for example, some farmers are beginning to opt for the silo with coffee dryer, as it serves as a simple storage silo, it also acts as a coffee dryer, thus reducing the need for transportation of grains, which ends up raising productivity by avoiding recurrent grain loss at this stage of coffee production.

Is it worth buying a used metal silo?

After reading all this information it is only natural to ask yourself: “Is it worth buying a used silo?”. To answer this question, perhaps it is interesting to think of the answer regarding the question of increasing the productivity of rural property, do you want it? If so, then certainly the recommended one for you is to invest in a new grain silo that is made specifically for your crop, rather than looking for used silos for sale.

Viga: manufacturer of metal silos

In light of the shared information, we would like to invite you to talk to our team of engineers about your silo project. We have more than 40 years of experience as grain silo manufacturers and we can certainly help you by providing the best in the field both in terms of technology and instructional advice for silo manufacturing. Do not waste time, come in today to contact us. We would love to know more about your company and how we can help you increase profits.

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