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Modelo de ponte rolante suspensa

Crane models

See some images of crane models available for manufacturing on Viga. They can vary in height and width, as well as in some detail, such as in the crane control used for its operation. Talk to our engineers and learn more about making cranes and how we can help you. With more than 40 years of experience, we certainly have a lot to add to your crane design.

Suspended overhead crane

Fabricantes de pontes rolantes suspensas

Click on the link to know everything about suspended overhead crane

Uni beam crane

Ponte rolante univiga

Click on the link to know everything about uni beam crane

Double beam crane

Ponte rolante dupla viga

Click on the link to know evreything about double rolling crane



To learn more about the various models of cranes available in the market, and the application of each of them, as well as attend a small crane operator course, continue reading.

There are several types of cranes. However, it is common to call a crane something that would not even technically be considered as such, as in the case of a gantry and revolving arms. If you really want to know all about overhead cranes, check out the explanations and short video courses below.

Difference between gantry and crane

There is a difference between the gantry and crane which is fundamental. The first one has its wheels fixed to the ground, contributing to the increase of risk of accidents, however, it does not need bigger fixed support structures that are often installed in the wall of the ship, as it is called the space related to the “factory floor” by the portico movement. The locomotion of the crane is in the upper part, avoiding to cause accidents with those who are working on its path, called the track, which in the case of the rolling gantry, would be in the ground and not near the ceiling.

Course on crane structure

The crane operator must be able to handle specific types of crane structure, as there are often profound differences in industrial handling according to the equipment used. Therefore, it is important that the employee responsible for such a machine has taken a crane operator course and is able to work in this competence.

How to do a Crane Design

See in this short video lesson, technical tips on how to do a crane design, using several variables that should already be foreseen in the manufacture of the crane, according to its purpose of use, as well as maintenance predictability and materials used in its composition. In addition, it is worth noting that, obviously, the crane design must be thought in harmony with the scope of the ship, where the crane operator will work.

SENAI Crane Operator Course

The SENAI crane operator course has been changing lives. Many people who previously did not have good working conditions today can proudly say they have a craft that has been increasingly recognized in the market, the operator of cranes. The video in focus seeks to serve as an incentive for those who wish to specialize in the field and be able to operate in industries with a technical knowledge that often receives a remuneration even better than that of some engineers.

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