Train Tracks Factory in Brazil


Many companies are looking for railroad plants in Brazil hoping not to find many options due to the scrapping of the Brazilian railway network. However, this is a market that our industrial metalworking industry has served by means of a variety of metalwork equipment, which enable the conformation of the rail according to the desired radius.

Our company works in the manufacturing railway equipment for more than 40 years and has clients such as Vale do Rio Doce, Usiminas and Brasken, which have constantly closed new railroad projects with us due to our competence and respect to the deadlines. That way, we would like to invite you to talk to our team of trained railroad engineers to make the most complete budget possible based on the submitted design.

Conformation of rails

Agents working in the railway sector must find, not only a railway plant in Brazil, but also someone who works with the conformation of rails, or calendering of rails, an activity that consists in “bending” the lines by the radius of the projected curve. As the Viga is an old company in the market we have the capacity to meet both demands and ensure the necessary quality to the railway project, which needs to have all the security provided by the regulatory laws. So whatever your demand, it is always worth talking to us, so do not waste time, contact our team of engineers specialized in Brazilian railways today and budget your metalworker design. We will be happy to assist you and make sure you can contribute to your rail project.


Procura por fábrica de trilhos no Brasil? Converse com a gente!

Manufacture of railway equipment

In addition to the manufacture of train rails, we also take care of some railway equipment, such as:

  • shock and traction apparatus
  • coupling type E
  • Yoke clamp
  • railway axle for roll material
  • railway wheel

Railway wagons manufacturers

It is not enough to meet the needs of entrepreneurs who demand railway equipment and train tracks, our goal is to provide a solution to those who look for railway wagons manufacturer, one of the main activities of our metalworking company, even providing solution for multinational companies in São Paulo.

Railway wheels manufacturer

The railway wheels manufacturing is a product of great demand in our metal works company, being quoted by big market players. This is a very specific demand to meet, not just due the train track width, but because the high temperature resistance caused by the friction as well. The greater the weight, the greater is the damage odds that a not good quality train wheels can impose to the whole railway system. That is why we put ourselves available to talk about you railway project whatever it is, we would love to help. Just feel free to talk to us!

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