Difference between Metalworking, Boilermaking and Welding

Caldeiraria Industrial p/ Estruturas Metálicas

The right way to see the difference between metalworking and welding is to think that one is a more generic term, which refers to the whole sector of ore processing after it is melted and delivered to make big and shaped metal parts. While welding is just on field inside this market, responsible to bond metals together. And boilermaking is, basically, a synonym of the metalworking word. But all this knowledge does not really matter if you don`t have a well done metal work. That is why we would like to introduce you Viga company.

We are a 40 years old company with a history filled with compromise and dedication, always producing some very well done metal structures, developed with edge technology and the right fit for your business. Our team of specialized engineers are capable to quote metalworking projects wisely, making possible excellent execution and sharp deadlines, allowing deliveries as agreed.

Metalworking Clients

Metalworking company in Brazil

As Viga metalworking company has a 40.000 m2 headquarter aside a railway station, highway and airport, we have a very privileged distribution, allowing us to be seeing as a boilermaking enterprise able to delivery products in the whole world. Besides that, because our history, we have a range of partners in different regions making possible to be knows as an assembly and fabrication company through a variety of arrangements. Checkout some engineering projects that are currently among the most demanded kind of metal works we have been attending.

Industrial boilermaking company with experience

Check out an interview made with one of our directors, where he tells a bit about Viga Metalworking company since the beggining, when his father, an Italian called Vito Gaggiato needed to come to Brazil after the second war to take care of his family in a very hard situation, from which he turns out victorious.

Get in tough to us to know exactly how we can be helpful on your engineering project. We would love to talk to you and improve your research!

Caldeiraria Industrial p/ Estruturas Metálicas

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