Metalworking or Boilermaking? Doesn`t matter, check out the Price

Caldeiraria Industrial p/ Estruturas Metálicas
Our metalworking company presentation

Many people ask us if there is difference between metalworking or boilermaking. By our experience we answer they are basically the same. However, the word boilermaking is more common to refer about the profession and the metalworking to the company field. Nevertheless, that is not the main question about the market; what really matters is the price, quality and deadline respect of how the metal works project is dealt and delivered to the client.

We have been working on the steel structures market for more than 40 years, experience the brought us acknowledgment of many big companies, like Vale do Rio Doce and USIMINAS, Brazilian giants in their sectors that have constantly been working with us due, not just to our technical knowledge, but because our deadline respect as well.

Our heavy metalworking company headquarter, that executes light metal works as well, is based on a 40 m2 area aside a highway, a railway and an airport. Thus, we get cost reduced and assure a cheaper delivering than our competitors. With a more accessible delivering channel we get the best price.

Who trust in our metalworking company

Caldeiraria Industrial p/ Estruturas Metálicas

Do you need a metal works project for which engineering field?

With more than 4 decades on the metalworking field, we serve several branches of the engineering field, always developing final products of great quality, made on demand based on the delivered metalworking design by the client, that in the end of the process always turns a great long term partner of our company.

Check out below which field set best or your needs. If you don`t see you demand there, just talk to us and we will see whats the best way to help you on your metalworking design, always with great quality and price.

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