Manufacture of metal structures

Fabricação de Estruturas Metálicas

We have been manufacturing metal structures for more than 40 years when the company was founded by Vito Gaggiato, an Italian who immigrated and started working at Usiminas, then the state steel mill in Ipatinga, Minas Gerais.

Metal structures factory

History of our metal structures factory

Like many Brazilian entrepreneurs, our history is a lot of struggle. The founder of the company came to Brazil and started as an employee at Usiminas, where he worked in metalworker services for many years until he was the owner of the enterprise, a fact that had great support from the employer since the first, due to competence and hard work of Vito.

At the beginning of Viga, it was within Usiminas itself, but over time the demands grew and Vito Gaggiato had to move to a new headquarters in the municipality of Santana do Paraíso where he pioneered the industrial district, a fact that corroborated so that the main avenue of the neighborhood took its name, which we count, also, with much pride.

Fabricação de Estruturas Metálicas

Manufacturer of metal structures with modern headquarters

Whoever is in the field of fabrication of metal structures knows, in addition to cutting-edge equipment, it is necessary to have modern equipment and a large and well-structured factory floor. This is exactly the reality of Viga Metalworking which, with a company based in an area of more than 40 thousand square meters has the technological equipment to give envy in big companies of the sector.

Whatever the demand for a metal frame manufacturer is, talk to us, we are sure that we can help you with your engineering project and we will be happy to do so, because the bigger the challenge, the more we enjoy making. At Viga metalworking do not ask if we will have service, but yes, how many services we have to do today. Our win is huge and the union is what our team guides.

Metal structures for mining, railways and civil engineering

Among the sectors that most demand the fabrication of metallic structures, we find mining, railroad and civil. Above are some of the latest products we manufacture and a video where Flavio Gaggiato, son of Vito Gaggiato, the founder of our metal structures factory, tells a little more detail about his father history and the company itself.

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