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Caldeiraria Industrial p/ Estruturas Metálicas

Many people are looking for a metal structures company and much of it comes to us because we are a metal structures factory with more than 40 years of experience in various areas of engineering. See below some of the most demanded sectors, where we have some explanations regarding engineering projects that are on the rise. If you do not see them listed, please do not hesitate to contact our consultants. We will be happy to assist you in your research on metal frame companies, whatever the project.

Metal works company headquarter

History of our company of metal structures

Our metal structures company was founded 40 years ago by the Italian immigrant Vito Gaggiato, who decided to come to Brazil after World War II. Shortly after arriving, he obtained a job from Usiminas, then a state-owned company but already a major steel company. Logos in the first years of operation stood out from the others for competence and hard work, gaining support from the giant employer to open the enterprise itself at the plant. A few years later, with a great demand, he decided that it was time to migrate to his own headquarters, and he did so when he established his metal structures factory in Santana do Paraíso, a city that composes the Vale do Aço region and has a major industrial district, which still bears the name of Vito Gaggiato, one of the pioneers on the main avenue, a fact of which we proudly boast today.

Caldeiraria Industrial p/ Estruturas Metálicas

Clients of our metal structure company

Among the main clients of our metal structure company, some of them stand out as major players in the national market, which are proud of the testimonies given about us in the market, always involving great quality in the projects delivered and respect the combined deadlines. See some of the brands that rely on the work of Viga.

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