Metalworking Company

Empresa de Caldeiraria Industrial Pesada

40 years as a metalworking industry.

As a metalwork company, we proudly boast our more than 40 years of history in the area of fabrication of metal structures for the various segments of engineering. Vito Gaggiato, an Italian immigrant who came to Brazil after World War II to rebuild his life, and shortly thereafter, has already begun his work at Usiminas, then the state steel mill of the Vale do Aço. After a few years, due to his competence and hard work, Vito ventures into his own enterprise with the support of the great boss, who allows his new business to settle in the headquarters of the institution itself, and later, to raise new flights.


Versatility and competence as a metal works company

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Our engineers team is available to clarify any doubt related to your metalworking project fabrication. Get in tough right now to our metal works company to know more about how can we help you enterprise, always with much competence, attention, hard work e deadline respect. Set an appointment in our headquarter localized in Minas Gerais state, Brazil. We would be glad to receive you here!

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