Roller Manufacturer for Conveyor Belt

Roletes para Correia Transportadora

Our conveyor belt roller factory

Among the manufacturers of rollers for conveyor belts, we are sure that we, the engineers of Viga, stand out. In these more than 40 years of experience, we serve clients such as Vale do Rio Doce, Usiminas and Anglo American, all with 100% satisfaction, with whom we had great learning. On the way to perfection, we are faced with several challenges that, with much effort and competence, have been overcome. Today we are pleased to be at your disposal for new developments!

Already hired us as manufacturer of rollers for industrial belts

Here are some of the partners who have come to us from other manufacturers of conveyor belts or as a metal frame factory. Guarantee of recognition and quality!

Only conveyor belt rollers?

The concave belt conveyor is widely used in mining. That way, if you’re looking for conveyor belts, you’re probably also interested in other mining structures. This being the case, feel free to contact us about it. Our team of engineers will be ready to serve you with all the attention your company deserves!

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