Conveyor Belts for Mining

In various industrial segments, conveyor belts are extremely important. It reduces costs related to the transportation of final products, inputs or raw materials, in the mining would not be different. Mining conveyor runs play an essential role in this industry, especially when it is necessary to take off the ore over long distances.

Generally, miners use the ore conveyor to haul it from the point of extraction, often, even, out of the mines, to the point where it will be processed or distributed, in most cases, by rail.

Think about the logistics of distribution, without the use of mining conveyor belts, of extracted ore, until you reach the wagons. First, the cost of fuel, which would probably be diesel, would certainly cost a great deal; the risk of human error during transportation could impact, including with legal actions, the profit of the company, not counting the time of displacement of the ore, which would be much larger and would also impact the revenues of the miners. Finally, there would be a need for high investment in the maintenance of equipment for mining.

I take as an example Gerdau, a company already known for a long time in the field of mining. It uses a long corridor for mining, which is 9 km long, linking the Açominas, which is in Porto Gente, to the mine of Miguel Burnier. If Gerdau did not have this ore conveyor belt installed, it would have to have cars on the road daily, which would make it impossible to process the ore already in the extraction phase.

Since minerals are so important for modern life, it was concluded that without the transportation of ore, the entire industrial branch would be unfeasible due to the very high transport costs that this would present in the preferred scenario. The transportation corridor, ultimately, makes the costs with time, labour and fuel viable to the enterprise.

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