Synchronous Conveyor Belts: Mining Equipment

Synchronous conveyor belts for cost reduction in mining

Viga and Conveyor belts

Viga has around 50 years of experience in the production of mining equipment. With clients such as Vale do Rio Doce, Usiminas, Petrobrás and Gerdau, it is an industrial metalworking industry that is fully capable of serving the mining industry with the most modern in the market, allowing lower costs for manufacturing metallic structures to the final customer.

The changes proposed by Viga, a pioneer metalworker company in the Vale do Aço, seek to bring our partners greater efficiency and effectiveness in the processes, reducing cost and increasing profits, through improvements in traditional components used in mining and through new technological proposals for the beneficiation of the ore.

Among the various industrial process improvement proposals offered by Viga, the synchronized conveyor belt is used. It has a number of advantages when compared to V-belts or chain systems.

Chain systems, v-belts or synchronized conveyor belts?

With regard to the application of chains for industrial conveyors, synchronized belts have several differentials that stand out in great proportion to the other systems available on the market. It is very easy to service when I need to replace it, moreover, it does not need constant lubrication.

The monitoring of a synchronized conveyor belt is much easier, it is possible to know in advance when it is necessary to replace it previously, facilitating production planning and avoiding unwanted process stops.

Power losses due to sliding on the pulley are common among V-belts, however, not on synchronized belts. This saves energy and increases the life of them.

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