Heavy Metalworking

Empresa de Caldeiraria Industrial Pesada

Looking for heavy metalworking, surely a Google user will find our company. This is because, in addition to our over 40 years of market, we have also invested heavily in excellence in the instructional material on the web. Paying attention to integrated marketing, this process is obviously repeated throughout the company, which reflects in the final quality of the products we deliver.

The history of our heavy metalworking company is long and goes back to Vito Gaggiato, founder of the company that inaugurated it inside the headquarters of Usiminas, then a large state steel mill that used it and, due to its hard work skills, supported the entire foundation of the company, which later needed to open its own headquarters because of the surprising and rapid growth of the market.

Current clients include Usiminas, Gerdal, Vale do Rio Doce, Anglo American and many other big players in the market, who have long seen us as good partners.

Clients of our heavy metalworking service

Check out a more complete list of the customers of our heavy metalworking, all with great satisfaction rate in the services provided and very pleased with the quality and delivery time of what was done in our metal frame factory, which we are so proud of. In this way, we also invite you to continue browsing our website to see some of the photos and videos that represent the heavy metalwork service that we have provided to all of them throughout all the years we have been undertaking in the development of the Brazilian market.

Our company goals

  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Ensure business sustainability
  • Safety and health of employees
  • Assist in supplier development
  • Empowering the employee, enhancing their skills
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