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Montagem de Navios

How is a ship built?

Many people look for a ship’s factory, but when you think about how to make ships you have to know that there are several naval manufacturing companies involved in the whole process, from the naval furnace, responsible for the fabrication of metal structures, which will benefit from more complex machining, to shipbuilding companies in shipyards, that will act in the construction of ship by means of the join of the naval parts involved in the process of manufacturing of naval blocks.

Manufacturer of ships

We have been a naval metalworking company operating in the shipbuilding market for more than 40 years and, therefore, have an unparalleled experience, which allows us to have an integrated view of the entire shipbuilding process, in which knowledge about all the navipeças and the Brazilian distribution system helps to pass a more positive budget to the customer who is looking for a factory of ships and naval blocks.

Ship mounting

Our shipbuilding company, because it is located right next to an airport in BR 381 where the Vitória-Minas railway passes, has a privileged distribution logistics. In this way, we have a considerable satisfaction rate, in which customers have seen the delivery time in the manufacture of ships or naval parts to be always respected.

In addition, due to the great experience of the engineers involved in the whole process of shipbuilding in our mechanical industry, we have been able to deliver budgets based on metalworking designs that are much more accurate than the competitor, both in relation to the assembly of ships or the manufacture of naval blocks.


Budget shipbuilding or naval parts

Here are some of the most demanded shipbuilding, shipbuilding projects or shipbuilding in our ship factory. If you do not see your need contemplated below, no problem, contact us that we will evaluate your metalwork project and help you get the best budget.

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