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Caldeiraria Industrial p/ Estruturas Metálicas

There are several Heavy Metalworking companies on the market. However, it is difficult for any of them to have more than 40 years of history as the Viga. This legacy makes all the difference when it comes to passing an accurate budget and forecasting delivery times. In addition, we are also privileged to other Metalworking companies in infrastructure and logistics, as our headquarters is located next to an airport, the BR 381 and the railroad linking Minas Gerais to Vitória, in Espírito Santo, allowing easy drainage of the products delivered as manufacturers of metal structures, even if they are to be distributed on sea routes, making possible even an export at more affordable prices.

Not enough of all the good points that differentiate our company from industrial metalworking in front of the market, we also have the pleasure and pride of having a team of engineers specialized in several areas of engineering, always well prepared to serve them and deliver a smart budget front to the metalwork projects delivered to us.

Industrial metalworking companies and areas of expertise

Here are some of the areas of activity of our industrial metalworking industry, click the one that wants to see more explanations through videos, text and images that seek to serve as examples and market research to the manufacture of metal structures more demands. From there, you can contact us through the standard form of the site or request a quote about any metalwork project you have to send us through our quotation system available at each presentation; Or, you can still call us.

Metalworking companies: challenges

There are huge challenges in an area where activity costs are enormous; as large as the metal parts we make. Thus, only willpower and dedication are not enough to guarantee the delivery of the product within the expected time; it is also necessary time of action in the industry and much experience, and we have that to spare. Contact us today and find out how we can assist you in the execution of your metalwork design, always with the best quality, budget and commitment to delivery times.

Metalworking companies: legacy

Greater than the challenges that the industrial metalworking industry faces are just their legacy. It is exciting to see the fabrication of metal structures involving both the physical scenery and improving life in the big cities. This is our true engine of innovation: to increase the quality of life of the citizen even in the face of the enormous challenges that a country like Brazil imposes on us. There is nothing more satisfactory for our team than to see the metallic infrastructures that we develop permeating the reality of our cities. Happiness is what sums it up!

Sede da nossa empresa de caldeiraria pesadaHeavy metalworking company headquarter 

Caldeiraria Industrial p/ Estruturas Metálicas

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