Heavy Metalworking in Minas Gerais

Panela Gusa, Caldeiraria

Metalworking company in MG for 40 years

Among the companies of heavy metalworking in Minas Gerais, Viga stands out. With more than 40 years of history, we have a team of experienced engineers in several segments, capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers, such as Usiminas, Vale do Rio Doce or Anglo American, former partners who demand metalwork projects with us. Contact us and send us your metalwork project, we will be happy to assist you!


Heavy metalworking fields

To which field you would like to execute your boilermaking project? Click over to see some of the most demanded metal works on our metalworking company in Brazil

Get in touch to our metalworking company in Brazil

We have a team of specialized engineers in many metalworking fields to help you in your project overview and fabrication. Our quotes are presented over the delivered metalworking projects after the engineers team validation to fabricate it. Talk to metalworking company right now, we will be happy to help you elucidating any doubts on your quest for a satisfactory solution.

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