Railway equipment company. Manufacturing and Maintenance


In addition to the various railroad equipment needed to operate in this industry, it is also necessary to use direct vehicles such as wagons, containers, locomotives, rails and so on.

There are several railway equipment companies, but many are just salespeople, and Viga is a manufacturer of railway equipment. Everything in the branch of trains that are made of steel, there is our interest in talking about and assisting in the design and execution of the pieces, being able, even, to instruct in the assembly of the train.

Top rated rail equipment

There is much smaller equipment belonging to the categories below that we can produce in series for your company. The following are the types of wagons from which we receive the most quotes for the production of railway equipment.

  • Modernized LG8 locomotive
  • Modernized G8 locomotive
  • Modernized / Microprocessed G12 Locomotive
  • FHC type wagon
  • PDD type wagon
  • HFC type wagon
  • HAC type wagon
  • GHD type wagon

Metalworking for the production of railway parts

Viga is proud of its 40 years of history as an industrial metalwork, we have already participated in several industrial parts production projects, including Vale do Rio Doce, Petrobrás, Usiminas and other companies of the Eike Batista group. We always preach for the transparency and rigour in the production, that is why we are the ideas to manufacture railway equipment because we have enough experience in the processing of steel.

How railway punching machine works



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