Railway Maintenance and Installation Equipment


Grinding machine

Learn how the rail grinder works, a very important railway equipment for railway safety. Check out how it works

Railway Regulator

The regulator is also another very important piece in the safety on the train lines, it collects the scattered stones by the punch

Rock crusher

It aligns and levels the tracks of the railway line. Like the other rail equipment presented, it is indispensable


One of the stars of the railway sector, the trackstar is very important to keep the mesh working well, check out the operation

Metalworking to manufacture railway equipment

Whoever is in the railway branch knows the size and weight of the machines, a mistake can be fatal. That is why the production of parts for installation and maintenance of railways is very important. For this noble mission, a cauldron with much experience in the area becomes necessary.

Viga for installation equipment of railway line

Viga has more than 40 years of experience in steel processing, has already produced railway equipment and many other pieces of Metalwork for several companies, among them Vale do Rio Doce, Usiminas, Petrobrás and the Eike Batista group. By acting in the production of various steel parts, it acquired a singular experience on the quality of equipment for the installation of railway lines. In addition, Viga is also a manufacturer of railway wagons. Contact us and find out more about our metalworking service.

Equipment for railway maintenance

After the installation of the railway line, it is time to service the train lines, so specialized train equipment is also required, which are usually tailor-made for specific types of train lines. For this, it is important to have a metalworker for the manufacture of railway equipment with experience in the industry, and that is where Viga comes in. Talk to us and see what we can do for you.

Equiopments and services to the railway field

Check out a big more about what we can do for you railway company. It is a pleasure to make available good content about this topic for you.

Viga Metalworking history

Steel structures fabrication

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