Metal Industry in Brazil – Minas Gerais, MG

Vito e Flaviano em 1977

Our metalworking company in Minas Gerais works as manufacturer of metallic structures more than 40 years; was founded by an immigrant who worked as a metalworker in Italy, enabling a legacy of international experience, but which had to come to Brazil due to the policy of “one job per family” that was in force in Europe during the reconstruction of the continent called Vito Gaggiato . This pioneer of steel processing in eastern Minas Gerais began its career at Usiminas, a company that practically helped found it and which was the headquarters of Viga, which today has clients such as Vale do Rio Doce, Brasken and the steelmaker itself. was so important for our entry into the Brazilian market.

Currently, our metalworking company in Minas Gerais has a team with several engineers specialized in several areas of engineering, ready to execute any metalworking projects that may be required.

Check out our metalworking fields

Most demanded engineering projects

Metal silo

A metal silo project should be done according to the grains it will store. In the coffee silo, for example, is even possible to get a silo with coffee dryer, lowering the production and stocking cost because of the reduced storage and processing time on this situation, improving the profit.


The crane types are many, each one of them are fabricated following strict measures according to the factory size. Besides that, they vary according to the industry that uses them or investment possibility. The creances can be uni beam or double beam, depending the weight they need to rise in the sector where it will be useful.

Gantry cranes

The gantry crane types are many, check out some:

  • mobile manual gantry crane
  • motorized mobile gantry crane
  • double beam gantry crane
  • uni beam gantry crane
  • semi gantry crane

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