Industrial Conveyor Belts: Rollers and Parts

There are different elements in an industrial conveyor belt, some are complex and have functions of great importance in the system, to guarantee procedural operation.

It is essential to know, for example, the desired weight capacity for the good purchase of a conveyor belt holder, the weight, not only of the load, but how all the equipment must be taken into account, as well as the inclination and the capacity of investment, more expensive industrial belts, precisely because they have better parts, tend to spend less on maintenance.

Temperature is also another factor to consider in choosing the materials for the fabrication of a conveyor belt, as it can cause changes in the material and cause it to undergo more stress than planned, which would cause pulley slips, not only wearing the belt itself, as well as the Drive Drum and the motor, which would cause damage to the industrial belt as a whole, or even loss of time in the production process, leading to financial losses.

Some parts of the industrial conveyor belts are categorized as structural components. Check below for some of these components, which can make all the difference when choosing the purchase of the conveyor belt.

Structural Components of Conveyor Belt

  • Carrier load
  • Stretch drum
  • Belt Bracket in Extending Belt
  • Conveyor belt drive drum
  • Re-sending drum
  • Transition distance
  • Supporting structure of conveyor belt
  • Belt Brace on Return Run
  • Conveyor discharge

Industrial conveyor parts

  • loading roller
  • conveyor belt
  • drive assembly
  • belt tensioner set

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