Industrial Belts: the Conveyor Belt Temperature

It is necessary to consider several aspects during the planning and execution of an industrial conveyor project, among them:

  • quality of the structural parts of the conveyor belt
  • slope of the environment in which the conveyor belt will be installed
  • integration between the components of the industrial conveyor belt
  • weight to be supported by the industrial conveyor belt
  • speed of delivery of the goods transported by the conveyor belt
  • integration and synchronization of the processes to be contemplated by the industrial conveyor system
  • ambient temperature of the place where the industrial conveyor assembly will take place

Conveyor Belt Mounting Location Temperature

There are many situations that can vary the lifespan of the conveyor belts. Incidents during transportation of the conveyor belt to the site of installation, poor conduction during assembly of the conveyor belt or misuse, which do not comply with the instructions provided, are some practices that may negatively surprise an industrial process manager and impact the profits.

Among what can be considered as incorrect use of an industrial mat would be a temperature that does not contemplate the specific heat of the material, that same, of the formula Q = m.c. (t – to). This may cause a change in the size of the conveyor belt or other structural components of the conveyor belt, affect system tension, and, in addition to friction heat, cause frequent pulley slips, leading to financial losses due to the production process for late maintenance, not previously planned.

It has been found in various studies with various types of industrial conveyors that an increase of 20 ° C higher than recommended could cause premature wear of various structural components of the conveyor belt, which would, of course, reduce the lifetime of the automated industrial transportation system as a whole, impacting on revenues and, consequently, on company profits.

Types of conveyor belts to industries

There are several types of industrial conveyors, the most popular being the chain system, the V-belt conveyor and the synchronized conveyor belt. The latter presents greater durability and less need for maintenance. However, even for her, good usage practices must be respected, which includes the recommended ambient temperature in the good practice manual.

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